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You have the jobs. We have the talent.

Join app’s app Colleges, through its G3 and FastForward programs, in leading the way in transformative education and economic development

How to engage with app’s app Colleges

app’s app Colleges can help your business maintain a highly skilled workforce to stay competitive and grow. Through a convergence of business and education, we can start localizing our conversations to ensure we’re supporting local demand with local talent. Whether it’s starting a conversation or establishing a partnership to help provide a trained workforce, let’s talk.

Train Your Staff

All 23 of app’s app Colleges specialize in developing customized training and facilitating curriculum to enhance workplace skills and supplement on-the-job training. Many students may qualify for financial assistance through FastForward or G3.

Work-Based Learning

Businesses who participate in internship, externship, and apprenticeship programs play a critical role in the development and networking of our learners. These learning opportunities may be required of a student’s coursework, or supplemental to their experience.

Get Skilled Talent

Unlock a pipeline of skilled talent through your local community college. Through regular conversation, you can address immediate and long-term solutions to your hiring needs, and you can actively participate on advisory councils to help shape curriculum.

Ambassadors and Partnerships

Being an ambassador and partnering with us can save you recruitment time and money. We invite you to play an active role with our colleges by joining career fairs and enriching classroom experiences with your industry insights.

Success Story

“Shickel Corporation, and a lot of other employers, are banding together to get more involved in the development of these programs…We formed a committee of local employers who could use people coming out of the FastForward program, and we helped develop the curriculum, helped choose the equipment, and the processes that they were going to use.” – Jeff Stapel, H.R. Manager, Shickel Corporation

Success Story

We spoke to faculty members and app employers about their experiencing working with app’s app Colleges and hiring its graduates.

“Using the community college in order to get those certifications is critical to our business.” – Sunni Brown, QA Technician, Superior Paving


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